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Planning on Having a Melbourne Sightseeing Tour? You dont want to miss these 3 attractions A sightseeing tour in Melbourne will introduce you to amazing features from wildlife parks to the streets of the city. This second most populous city in Australia boasts of many fascinating tourist attractions. The city features its ever changing number of the trendiest bars, clubs, and live music venues. There are different spots where you can start your shopping spree for jewellery, fine art, and fashion clothing. While there are many attractions, which you can visit, below are three of the attractions, you do not want to miss during your Melbourne day tours and adventures. 1.Ballarat Wildlife Park This is an award winning Park and it is family owned. Operated by Greg Parker and the family, the park was founded in 1985. It is a symbol that represents the passion for conserving wildlife and the environment. The Parker family is happy to realize that they have created value in the conservation of wildlife by introducing this park. People and animals can come together in this relaxing, friendly, as well as education environment. Visitors can walk around and see the different species of animals including the wombats, kangaroos, crocodiles, and the koalas in their natural environments. The selection of animals you will find in this park is truly unique and it could only be described as another natural wonder of this world. There is just so much to explore in terms of wildlife in this 16- hectare natural bushland. 2.Gold museum The Gold Museum is another interesting Melbourne sightseeing feature you will find in the story of Ballarat. It is one attraction that you will long to visit when in Melbourne. Ballarat is a majestic provincial city that was built from the wealth acquired on the gold rushes of Australia that happened in 1850s. Gold Museum has an impressive building with glass front. It offers a commanding view and an award winning gift shop that specializes in the sale of manmade gold jewellery. You will find some of the finest giftware in this museum. From gold nuggets, gold coins, alluvial deposits, to priceless gold artifacts, you will find them in this museum. 3.Eureka Stockade In 1854, there was a battle at Eureka Stockade that changed Australia forever. This has been known as the birthplace as it represents a popular struggle in this land. In 1850s, miners coming to the Victorian goldfields had to pay high fees in order to get the mining licenses. They were ill treated and even harassed by authorities who should have been protecting them. However, during those times, the government dismissed those complaints and the diggers could not buy land or vote. By 1854, the diggers were fed up, and they declared that they would no longer continue buying gold licenses. Later on there was a battle and a vote, and the license was abolished. During the Melbourne day tours, these are some of the attractions, which you are able to visit. There is a lot you can learn in Melbourne including the history of the ancient times, the transformations that took place from those early times, to the great wildlife parks.